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Softral will make payments to the freelancers or sellers by using the following rule.

Softral will try it's best to help freelancers and sellers save maximum money by paying less commissions or fees. 

Softral will offer employers or buyers to enjoy the best products and services at a very reasonable and competitive cost.

Freelancer Fees:

$1.00 Per transaction as a fixed flat fee. This fee will be deducted prior to each payment to the freelancer. If your contract involves three partial payments then the total cost  to the freelancer will be $3.00

There is no limit on contract amount at this time.

The above fees are for Softral services, You can use Western Union, Skrill or PayPal for payment service. 

Expedited Delivery is available with an additional fee by using your method of preference.


There is no fee or commission for membership and to post a job. You will pay only $1.00 for each transaction or payment to the freelancer. This fee cab deducted based on the milestones or at the time of job completion.

A: premium Account: With a nominal fee you can enjoy this service to place and project your job posting to attract maximum number of intellectuals and experts for the job.

B: 1099 Expense reporting or similar Expense reporting available 

C: Money Back: Satisfactory Job completion with quality work guarantee. Softral will help you protect your investment by providing quality work guarantee for a limited time with an additional fee. This fee is based on the cost of your project and payments made for the freelancer services. This guarantee is only for the quality of the work as described at the time of contract between a freelancer and an employer. Please read our Terms and conditions for more details.

D: Corporate Assistant: Softral provides a special service to corporate clients to meet their short term or long term needs in hiring freelancers. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you the best service.