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About Us

Software Engineers for your Business and Dream Projects are found here.

Softral started in Mobile, Alabama, USA while we were working on MedNoor and ProNoor projects.

Our basic website became available on August 2015. Alabama Securities Commission approved us manage escrow accounts in February 2016 with license number SC 735.  Softral Trade Mark is registered since 2016.

Softral brings the best freelancers and business owners/ administrators together to make productive contracts for high quality programs/designs. 

Softral fees are the lowest in industry. 

  • We enroll qualified (Minimum BA or BS qualification) Freelancer, IT professionals, with proven expertise, from all over the world.
  • Valued Clients and employers from different industries can select the best from a pool of intelligent professionals
  • We provide and make all transactions as easy as possible
  • We can help Employers claim expenses by using 1099 in the USA or the equivalent in other countries

   Join Softral and Grow with us. We will never let you down; that's the promise

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